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How well do you take care of our mother earth? Try this quiz to find out how Eco-friendly you are at work and let us try and find out some easy tips to go green. How do you reach your work place?   Travel by car/scooter.   Use public transport or metro or carpooling.   Use telecommute whenever I can.   Do you use plastic utensils?  Yes, I use it and trash it after use.

Tips For Avoiding Job Scams

Posted by Kishore Silvery on March 28, 2019

As per the survey job scams are common in the market. So today we are going to help you understand how to avoid job scams. Cannot travel to office? Looking for a telecommute job? if so, then this write up is very important for you. There are hundreds of opportunities for people who are looking out for remote jobs. At the same time there are equal numbers of scammers who are exploiting your identity! Job
Have you seen any of your colleagues easily saying “NO” for the change in project or team? Have you ever missed an opportunity thinking that you lack those skills? This type of thinking is due to negativity filled in you, about yourself. If you get an opportunity to takeover a new team or a new project, please accept it positively. It doesn’t matter if you feel that you lack the skills. Management would have suggested
Employee Appreciation day is usually celebrated on 1st Friday of March. What is the significance of appreciation day? What is Employee Appreciation Day? This is the day exclusive for companies to acknowledge the thankfulness to their employees. By doing this, bond between the employee and employer strengthens. It also gives an opportunity for the HR, managers and the management to know the importance of appreciating the employees. Employees are the first brand ambassadors of any
Do you know how to test a program? If not, you might want to learn it soon. Here are the 9 computer languages skills to learn in 2019. Let me give you some insights. Key Skills required: Computer Programming!! Employers find candidates having specific computer skills which are required to perform the job function. The skills range from making a simple report in MS Excel to Automation. Coding skills, testing skills, scripting skills are some