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Harnessing the power of positive thinking

Posted: March 27, 2019       By: kksilvery         0 Comments

Have you seen any of your colleagues easily saying “NO” for the change in project or team? Have you ever missed an opportunity thinking that you lack those skills?

This type of thinking is due to negativity filled in you, about yourself. If you get an opportunity to takeover a new team or a new project, please accept it positively. It doesn’t matter if you feel that you lack the skills.

Management would have suggested your name because they feel that those skills can be easily acquired by you. Hence, you get a learning opportunity. It is always good to be an all-rounder than a specialist at the work place.

Handling a new team gives you the experience of handling a brand-new set of people. This improves your managing skills. You cannot learn much with a cozy team which is already adjusted to you.

Hence, if any new opportunity knocks your door, take it positively. Do not shut the doors by being negative to any opportunity. Management will get a positive remark on you that you are ready to take any challenge.

This way you become the most reliable and positive person at the workplace.

Why is it that you feel, you can’t do something? It is mostly the fear of failure. Most of the learning’s we acquire is through failures. One must learn how to take it positively. It is up to you to think expansively about how to learn the new skills and grab the given opportunity.

There are lots of ways to think positively. You can follow these important ones

  • Problem is a rising opportunity:

    Every problem offers you an opportunity. If you feel emotional and feel that it is a mess, then you are thinking negative. If you feel that you got an opportunity, you can learn new skills, test your thinking capacity and explore new ways of solving an issue.

    Any work in an organization cannot be left unattended. If you do not accept it, it will be given to someone else. Hence, either ways, the problem will be solved. So, if you are the part of it by accepting it positively, you can learn new skills. If it needs extra supervision and help, you can always ask the management.

  • Talk to Yourself:

    You can easily find out some everyday affirmations for yourself. Ready them aloud every day, before starting your work. Through self talk that I am capable of doing anything, you can build more confidence and think positively.

  • Do not hesitate to say Yes: 

    Do not shut the doors and live in a cozy workplace. There is not room for learning here. Be open for new opportunities by saying yes.

  •  Fail your way to success:

    If you are not failing now and then that means you are not trying anything innovative. If you have failed, you have learnt 10000 ways that won’t work! Understand that it is necessary to earn and grow from failures. At the same time, celebrate every small success which builds your confidence.

When you are open for new things, you are moving towards success. Failures are bound to happen, which are the stepping stones of success. Hence, keep up the confidence, think positively, and take the advantages of every single professional opportunity that comes along your way. This on a long run boosts up your career.

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