The New Rules of Meeting Room Etiquette

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Business development, sales , marketing, new product development, conflicts, resolutions, interviews , monthly/weekly performance reporting, there are lots of reasons for which you will have to attend meetings. Managers especially spend most of their time on meetings which is inevitable.

The fact that meeting room is a shared space means that those who participate in meeting have to be cognizant of other member’s schedules and needs. In addition, there are certain etiquette or rules one may call for behavior that should be followed while they are in a conference hall.

Below are the few points which are to be taken care.

  1. Have an Agenda: Every meeting must have an agenda. Without the pre fixed agenda, meeting will not go in a systematic way. Topics are supposed to be crisp and specific. If you are a listener, you have to make sure that you have relevant points to be discussed or clarified in the meeting.
  2. Dressing Etiquette: Be in Rome when you are a Roman. If you are attending a casual meeting, you can dress casually, but when it is a formal meeting, you must be dressed formally. If In case you are not sure what to wear, refer to the HR or the person who is hosting the meeting. Basic rules removing shoes while in meeting, using chair /table as footstools, should be avoided.
  3. Introduce yourself: There are at times where you will have meetings with new people. These meetings must start with the introduction of everyone in brief. If you are organizing the meeting, put this first in the meeting agenda, so that you don’t miss this step. As a token of respect it is good to introduce the person from highest position.
  4. No phone usage: Keep your mobile phone away or keep them in silence.There can be exceptions to certain members depending on certain urgency overlapping with meeting, but permission is needed before using them. This way, it helps all the members in the meeting to be attentive.
  5. Usage of Laptops: During business meetings, if in case you are taking notes of the points that are discussed in the meetings, inform the attendees well in advance that you will do so. That way, people won’t mistake you that you are doing some other work.
  6. Stand up Meetings: Sometimes, you may have meetings at the shop floor, lobby or even at the cafeteria. This may be due to the sense of urgency to discuss things .Even at these cases; you must consider it as formal meetings and adhere to the meeting rules.

These are some of the basic rules that can help you maintain yourself in a better way during meetings. Your immediate managers will definitely expect these in you which will help you advance in your career. Meetings etiquette will definitely keep improving as you advance in your career. You must be open minded to adapt to it.

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