How well do you take care of our mother earth? Try this quiz to find out how Eco-friendly you are at work and let us try and find out some easy tips to go green.

How do you reach your work place?

  1.   Travel by car/scooter.
  2.   Use public transport or metro or carpooling.
  3.   Use telecommute whenever I can.


Do you use plastic utensils?

  1.  Yes, I use it and trash it after use. It is convenient.
  2.  I use my ceramic mug.
  3.  I never use disposable cups, plates, or utensils for my food and beverages.


Do you use energy saver settings on your computer?

  1.  I have no idea about it, my computer is always on.
  2.  No, I have set it in the energy saving mode.
  3.  Yes, my computer goes to sleep as and when it goes idle.


Do you keep your printers in the standby mode when not in use?

  1.  Always — I’m not even sure where the off button is.
  2.  I leave them on standby during the day; then I turn them off when I leave the office.
  3.  I generally turn off the printer when not in use.


How do you read, share, and save documents?

  1. I prefer taking a print out.
  2.  When they’re needed to print, I take print outs, or else I am paperless.
  3. I’m 100 percent paperless.


Scoring your answers

For every A answer, give yourself 1 point; for every B answer, give yourself 2 points, and for every C

answer, give yourself 3 points.

Interpreting the results

If you have between 5 and 7 points: It’s time for you to learn something. Learning is a continuous journey,

so be open for educating yourself, If you really want to respect the mother earth. For instance putting your

computer in sleep mode is better for it and uses less energy. Or that turning your computer on and off will

not cause damage to it? Try and find out how you can be greener at work.


If you have between 8 and 11 points, you’re on the right track: Super! You are already on the way to be

Eco-friendly. However, there is still scope for improvement. Few little steps and sustenance in your

activities will yield good results.

If you have between 12 and 15 points, it’s time you educate others: Fantastic! You’re officially Eco-friendly at work! Now, it’s time to help your fellow workers to improve at their workplaces. If you want to give more impact, try seeking the help of your manager for doing improvements like refilling cartridges,

keeping plants near the water filter, etc.

It is not very difficult to go green. You have to accept it mindfully, and have a new start. Small steps every day will show you the right direction to move ahead.

Happy Eco-friendly journey!

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As per the survey job scams are common in the market. So today we are going to help you understand how to avoid job scams.

Cannot travel to office? Looking for a telecommute job? if so, then this write up is very important for you. There are hundreds of opportunities for people who are looking out for remote jobs.

At the same time there are equal numbers of scammers who are exploiting your identity!

Job scams rank no. 3 on the Better Business Bureau’s list of top 5 most risky scams.

There are many types of job scams which include re-purchasing, re-shipping, brokerage, wrapping scams, and for a normal person it is very difficult to find out whether it is genuine.

If any job recruiters respond to you very quickly and send you an offer letter without a proper interview, then you have to rethink about the offer. Once you accept, they may ask you for training fees and recruitment costs, after which you will never hear from them again.

There are some job scams which involve in fraud checks. Once you accept the offer, they make you deposit the same in your bank account. As soon as you deposit the check, you are involved in the fraudulent activity.

You will lose the money and if it is stolen, you’re liable for the funds. The bank will close your account, and report you to the authorities and credit bureaus by the time you realize what’s happened, the “employer” is nowhere to be found and you’re left to deal with the fallout.

So how can you avoid job Scams?

Report to the authorized person by contacting the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, or your local law enforcement agency if you feel you are being targeted by the job scammer.

Finally, before joining any telecommute job, verify twice about its reputation and specialization.

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Have you seen any of your colleagues easily saying “NO” for the change in project or team? Have you ever missed an opportunity thinking that you lack those skills?

This type of thinking is due to negativity filled in you, about yourself. If you get an opportunity to takeover a new team or a new project, please accept it positively. It doesn’t matter if you feel that you lack the skills.

Management would have suggested your name because they feel that those skills can be easily acquired by you. Hence, you get a learning opportunity. It is always good to be an all-rounder than a specialist at the work place.

Handling a new team gives you the experience of handling a brand-new set of people. This improves your managing skills. You cannot learn much with a cozy team which is already adjusted to you.

Hence, if any new opportunity knocks your door, take it positively. Do not shut the doors by being negative to any opportunity. Management will get a positive remark on you that you are ready to take any challenge.

This way you become the most reliable and positive person at the workplace.

Why is it that you feel, you can’t do something? It is mostly the fear of failure. Most of the learning’s we acquire is through failures. One must learn how to take it positively. It is up to you to think expansively about how to learn the new skills and grab the given opportunity.

There are lots of ways to think positively. You can follow these important ones

When you are open for new things, you are moving towards success. Failures are bound to happen, which are the stepping stones of success. Hence, keep up the confidence, think positively, and take the advantages of every single professional opportunity that comes along your way. This on a long run boosts up your career.

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Employee Appreciation day is usually celebrated on 1st Friday of March. What is the significance of appreciation day?

What is Employee Appreciation Day?

This is the day exclusive for companies to acknowledge the thankfulness to their employees. By doing this, bond between the employee and employer strengthens.

It also gives an opportunity for the HR, managers and the management to know the importance of appreciating the employees.

Employees are the first brand ambassadors of any organization. If the employees are happy, workplace will also be at peace and prosperity. Employees in turn spread positivity among the public. Any employee who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

Basic reason for 50% of the employees to search for another job is because they don’t feel appreciated at work. Hence, employee appreciation day is one of the best ways to improve the employee engagement and show them the care.

Ideas for appreciation day celebration:

  1. Lunch or Dinner Treat: Take your employees to a lavish restaurant and treat them nice lunch or dinner. Try to include this on a working day, such that their family time is not spoil. A lavish restaurant treat will make them feel special. Make sure that you appreciate at this point of time, so that they are aware of the reason behind the treat. These kinds of treats can be given when are going to appreciate the whole team.
  2. Give them Goodies: Treat employees with shopping gift cards, Starbucks gift card, voucher trip to a resort with family, etc. This will make them feel recognized and plan something nice with their family.
  3. Make them a Super Hero: Appreciate the smart work done by them by putting the clips of tasks accomplished on the notice board. You can also include these on the weekly/monthly newsletter. Announcing in the stand up meeting is also a great idea. A round of applause gives in a lot of positivity in the employees. Few companies religiously give best the employee of the month award to appreciate their people.
  4. Wellness Vouchers: With the load of work, employees usually ignore their health and workout. They will hesitate to invest on it too. Try providing them wellness vouchers by giving them a month subscription free vouchers at the nearby gym/fitness centre, or even gaming options.
  5. Bonus: Bonus is the second best option for any employee. Give them a day’s salary as an extra perk. This will definitely make them happy.
  6. A paid day Off: First best option to appreciate an employee is to give a paid day off. They can spend time with their family, friends, and plan for a trip or even take rest. Make sure you do not disturb them on this day.

Apart from these, you can organize some fun game activities too. This in turn builds up a good rapport between the team members. The best saying is that: “Train people well enough, so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.” Recognition and appreciation must go together in your leadership.

Appreciation is not something you need to wait for march 1st to come, keep on appreciating the employees as and when any good work is being done. This helps in retention and also boosts up the employees productivity and quality of work.

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Do you know how to test a program? If not, you might want to learn it soon. Here are the 9 computer languages skills to learn in 2019. Let me give you some insights.

Key Skills required: Computer Programming!!

Employers find candidates having specific computer skills which are required to perform the job function. The skills range from making a simple report in MS Excel to Automation. Coding skills, testing skills, scripting skills are some skills that are required other than the basic professional skills.

Why is it that we need to learn so many computer skills?

Basically, we need computers for data entry, this is required to analyze the current situation, check where the things are leading to and gauge how we can improve.

Secondly, by using computer applications, we can do the trend analysis and estimate where we may lead to, using these tools. We can also automate similar conditions by varying one variable, keeping all others constant.

Hence, all these tasks will be easy to perform if the candidate is well versed with the programming languages. This is the reason even if freshers are hired, basic computer skills are expected to be known, and they are given a minimum of 3 months training on computer skills.

How do you benefit?

If you browse job roles and descriptions on the internet for the positions you are searching for, you will get a rough idea as to, how important it is to learn computer skills. Hence, try to understand why you need to learn and then invest time and money to learn these skills. Making the candidate understand the company core values and work ethics is easy if the computer skills are already known. When you know to do the work, the employer only needs to teach what the work is. In short, knowing computer skills and updating every year increases your employ ability by 50 % and gives you better career growth.

What skills are in demand?

These are the important skills you need to know if you are entering into an IT industry.

These are some skills you need to know if you are entering into a mechanical or civil industry:

There are lots of ways you can learn these skills. Apart from going to classes, you can do self-learning through books, you can enroll an online course, if you are already working, spend some extra hours at office and learn it from your peers who are comfortable spreading the knowledge to you. If learning is your passion, no one can stop you from learning.

Be patient and give some time for you to learn, rather than cribbing. Learn and teach to your juniors, which will even enhance your learning. This will definitely payoff for your career prospectus.

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