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Quiz: How Eco-Friendly Are You At Work?

Posted: April 3, 2019       By: kksilvery         0 Comments

How well do you take care of our mother earth? Try this quiz to find out how Eco-friendly you are at work and let us try and find out some easy tips to go green.

How do you reach your work place?

  1.   Travel by car/scooter.
  2.   Use public transport or metro or carpooling.
  3.   Use telecommute whenever I can.


Do you use plastic utensils?

  1.  Yes, I use it and trash it after use. It is convenient.
  2.  I use my ceramic mug.
  3.  I never use disposable cups, plates, or utensils for my food and beverages.


Do you use energy saver settings on your computer?

  1.  I have no idea about it, my computer is always on.
  2.  No, I have set it in the energy saving mode.
  3.  Yes, my computer goes to sleep as and when it goes idle.


Do you keep your printers in the standby mode when not in use?

  1.  Always — I’m not even sure where the off button is.
  2.  I leave them on standby during the day; then I turn them off when I leave the office.
  3.  I generally turn off the printer when not in use.


How do you read, share, and save documents?

  1. I prefer taking a print out.
  2.  When they’re needed to print, I take print outs, or else I am paperless.
  3. I’m 100 percent paperless.


Scoring your answers

For every A answer, give yourself 1 point; for every B answer, give yourself 2 points, and for every C

answer, give yourself 3 points.

Interpreting the results

If you have between 5 and 7 points: It’s time for you to learn something. Learning is a continuous journey,

so be open for educating yourself, If you really want to respect the mother earth. For instance putting your

computer in sleep mode is better for it and uses less energy. Or that turning your computer on and off will

not cause damage to it? Try and find out how you can be greener at work.


If you have between 8 and 11 points, you’re on the right track: Super! You are already on the way to be

Eco-friendly. However, there is still scope for improvement. Few little steps and sustenance in your

activities will yield good results.

If you have between 12 and 15 points, it’s time you educate others: Fantastic! You’re officially Eco-friendly at work! Now, it’s time to help your fellow workers to improve at their workplaces. If you want to give more impact, try seeking the help of your manager for doing improvements like refilling cartridges,

keeping plants near the water filter, etc.

It is not very difficult to go green. You have to accept it mindfully, and have a new start. Small steps every day will show you the right direction to move ahead.

Happy Eco-friendly journey!

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