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Tips For Avoiding Job Scams

Posted: March 28, 2019       By: kksilvery         0 Comments

As per the survey job scams are common in the market. So today we are going to help you understand how to avoid job scams.

Cannot travel to office? Looking for a telecommute job? if so, then this write up is very important for you. There are hundreds of opportunities for people who are looking out for remote jobs.

At the same time there are equal numbers of scammers who are exploiting your identity!

Job scams rank no. 3 on the Better Business Bureau’s list of top 5 most risky scams.

There are many types of job scams which include re-purchasing, re-shipping, brokerage, wrapping scams, and for a normal person it is very difficult to find out whether it is genuine.

If any job recruiters respond to you very quickly and send you an offer letter without a proper interview, then you have to rethink about the offer. Once you accept, they may ask you for training fees and recruitment costs, after which you will never hear from them again.

There are some job scams which involve in fraud checks. Once you accept the offer, they make you deposit the same in your bank account. As soon as you deposit the check, you are involved in the fraudulent activity.

You will lose the money and if it is stolen, you’re liable for the funds. The bank will close your account, and report you to the authorities and credit bureaus by the time you realize what’s happened, the “employer” is nowhere to be found and you’re left to deal with the fallout.

So how can you avoid job Scams?

  • Don’t respond to unprompted job offers from strangers.
  • Now a days you can get reviews on almost anything. Do not miss out to find out properly about the company profile. Find out reviews of the work culture from the internet.
  • Check for the authentication of the emails that you get from the employers. Check the domain twice. Beware of the scammers.
  • Recruiters are more likely to use Skype or GoToMeeting to do the recruitment. If you are invited for the interview using Google hangouts or the resource, then you need to re confirm about the authenticity.
  • Employers never ask for payment. If you are asked to pay for training or placement, then it’s a sure sign of scam.
  • Do not share confidential information like bank account and security codes.
  • Never accept money unless it is paid for the work you have done.
  • Every organization gives an offer letter and appointment letter to the newly joined employees. Please read the offer documents carefully before signing on it.

Report to the authorized person by contacting the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, or your local law enforcement agency if you feel you are being targeted by the job scammer.

Finally, before joining any telecommute job, verify twice about its reputation and specialization.

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