Orpine Portal

The application goal is to build next generation web portal to manage the information of an employee, personal details, timesheets, advances, payroll and expenses. The intuitive user interface to quick access to the information and is built with your daily tasks and processes in mind. The sophisticated, multi-level security options let you control who can access or view information.

The application is to manage the information of an employee: personal details, timesheets, payroll and expenses, invoices, benefits and immigration details. It offers the capabilities below and can be modified for new uses:

  • Web based user interface with secure connectivity, accessible from anywhere and anytime, using any web browser on the internet.
  • No need for any client installation. Human resources and accounting staff can use from multiple locations, from an office location or anywhere in the world.
  • Access a single point of truth for all records and information about employee-past and present.
  • Fast and easy step by step process for Time sheet Management and payroll processing.
  • Customizable and Extensible: An Open Database with APIs available for custom integration and custom reporting with your internal systems and third party products and services.
  • Export required Reports into Excel, PDF, and HTML e-mail it to employees directly.
  • Ability to import data from pre-existing Excel sheets (Payroll / Personal information) for easy transition.
  • Web Portal with online logins for employees to enter/update their personal / contact information.
  • Secure Role Based System Access Control provides multiple levels of authority and responsibility for Employee Data, such as Personal, Timesheet, Payroll and Expenses.
  • Comprehensive audit trail to manage all activities performed on Employee data.
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