Energy Benchmarking

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Benchmarking is useful for property owners, facilities operators, and designers. It facilitates energy accounting, comparing a facility's energy use to similar facilities in order to assess opportunities for improvement, and quantifying/verifying energy savings.

Energy Benchmarking understands how your building is performing in terms of energy usage compared to buildings of similar type, use and geography. But the process can be complex, time consuming and downright suboptimal. It pulls in more expensive resources than it should, and presenting comprehensive, clear options and strategies for energy efficiency is difficult.

Energy use benchmarking is a process that either compares the energy use of a building or group of buildings with other similar structures or looks at how energy use varies from a baseline. It is a critical step in any building upgrade project, because it informs organizations about how and where they use energyOrpine Portal and what factors drive their energy use. Benchmarking enables energy managers to determine the key metrics for assessing performance, to establish baselines, and to set goals for energy performance. It also helps them identify building upgrade opportunities that can increase profitability by lowering energy and operating costs, and it facilitates continuous improvement by providing diagnostic measures to evaluate performance over time.

Benchmarking energy performance helps energy managers to identify best practices that can be replicated, either within a building or across a portfolio of buildings. Benchmarks can be reference points for measuring and rewarding good performance. They allow an organization to identify top-performing facilities for recognition and to prioritize poorly performing facilities for immediate improvement.

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