About Us

Orpine, Inc. a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) based in Alpharetta, Georgia, provides Consulting Services, Engineering Solutions and IT Solutions.

Orpine, Inc excels in “Blending Tomorrow's technology with today's business challenges”. We strive and drive for growth as a Technology Company delivering business advantages comes from our presence at the top of technology evaluation. In a world where excellence in execution is the key to success, Orpine has an unmatched record of completing the projects on pre set schedules and budgets. Our well-defined process and strong emphasis on building up an evolving knowledge base enables the company to capture effectively the best practices of every project implemented.

Technology Expertise:

Our areas of expertise include Software Development, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), VoIP and Wireless Broadband technology.

Technology Planning Expertise:

To help you determine the true impact of a project on an agency or city, we work with you to design and plan technology infrastructure projects including business modeling and application planning.

PC Process Knowledge:

We have a deep knowledge of how projects can be paid for from savings, revenue growth and cost avoidance. We have many years of experience in the performance contracting arena.

Benefits to working with Orpine include

Cost-Saving Solutions: Our experience in working with multiple technologies can help reduce agency operating costs.

Revenue Enhancements: Many of our technology ideas can increase revenue for your municipality or agency.

New Applications: There are a lot of new ideas for using these technologies that improve service to citizens or replace out-dated processes and make you more productive.

Save you time: Our expertise at modeling technology project impact can help you make wise decisions faster.

Lighten Your Load: We take the load off of your staff in a number of areas including project modeling, design, installation and project management.

Turnkey Project Help: We are here to help you from start to finish. We can help you justify the project, find the technology solution and then implement the solution.

Right People for the Right Company: Our experienced team helps our clients/employees in placing the right people in right positions with right organizations.

Latest News

  • Orpine gets MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certifcation with DeKalb County, Fulton County, City of Atlanta, and GMSDC

  • Orpine signs up as a VoIP Systems Reseller and Channel Partner with a leading VoIP distributor.

  • With continuous support and ever increasing demand from our Customers; Orpine Inc’s net profit growth for the quarter is 37%.

  • Orpine signs a contract with a leading Consulting company in USA to provide VoIP Services.